Cosmetic Tattooing


Cosmetic tattooing is a type of body art that is meant to accentuate facial features. It is very popular technique nowadays and widely spread all over the world. Today there are high quality tools that can give desired effect with no pain (or at least with minimal pain).

Modern cosmetic tattoo is quite safe. As we are dealing with very gentle areas like lips, eyelids and eyebrows the process can be painful. Moreover ink as well as tattoo machine should be professional so that there will be more additional complications.

Cosmetic tattooing is more often used to create permanent makeup. Isn’t it great to have flawless eyeliner that will never fade away? Such perspectives make women go for cosmetic tattooing and if you have also decided to get one let’s find out the types of cosmetic tattooing as well as its pros and cons.

Cosmetic Tattooing

Eyeliner tattoo is meant to make eyes more accentuated and lashes fuller. This is perfect for those who cannot draw straight line or simply tired of drawing line. Besides of accentuating eyes eyeliner tattoo will make lashes darker and fuller.

Another type of cosmetic tattoo is lip tattoo. It is meant to make lips look fuller and sultrier. You should find professional tattoo artist who is skilled in cosmetic tattooing. This is very important otherwise you will have to go for cover ups.

Last popular type of cosmetic tattooing is eyebrows’ tattoo. This is best option for those who have the problem of hair thinning. Moreover if you are not satisfied with the shape or color of eyebrows tattooing will be lifesaver.


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