Rihanna’s Sexy Tattoos


We love and admire celebrities not only because they are talented and famous but also because they are stylish and inspire with their images. As we are all addicted to tattoos, we just can’t pass by those oh-so-sexy celebrity tattoos that make them even more beautiful (or masculine, if we are considering boys). Well, we will talk about all the popular celebrities and discuss their tattoos but right now, we are going to investigate the one who has so many tattoos on her sexy body.

Rihanna is definitely tattoo addicted and she do loves hanging in tattoo shops. We can hardly say she will once stop getting new tattoos but one thing we can say for sure is that all her tattoos are fantastic.

Musical Notes

Rihanna's Sexy Tattoos

Let’s start with the tiniest tattoos on Rihanna’s body. The very first tattoo she had was tiny musical notes. She was so inspired with her bright career as a singer that she decided to memorize it. This was the beginning in not only her musical career but also the beginning of a tattoo addiction. It is said; once you get a tattoo, you can never stop.


Rihanna's Sexy Tattoos

Here is another tiny tattoo that decorates beautiful body of Rihanna. It is hidden on her ankle and in spite of the fact that it is a skull with cross bones; it looks pretty nice with that pink bow. By the way, it is the only colorful tattoo on her body.

Finger tattoos

Rihanna's Sexy Tattoos

Rihanna's Sexy Tattoos

Rihanna's Sexy Tattoos

You just can’t live without love or at least with similar tattoo on finger. Rihanna got it on her middle finger of left hand. it looks simple. After all, love should be simple.


Yet another finger tattoo that she got on her right hand is “Shh..” phrase and it’s really impressive.

Tribal Signs

Rihanna's Sexy Tattoos

It seems that Rihanna decided to get total cover of her hands starting with fingers and going further with wrists. The tribal tattoo that she has got on her right hand is done around a wrist bone. Maori style geometric tattoo means love and strength.

That was the beginning. She got another and even bolder Maori tattoo covering her left hand. The tattoo was done in a traditional way meaning that it hurt so much. Ta Moko tattoo has lines, arrows, dots all over her hand ad fingers. This type of tattoo is traditionally done with henna but Rihanna got it forever.

Queen Nefertiti

Rihanna's Sexy Tattoos

One queen got another queen tattooed on her body and it looks so perfect. It is tattooed on her left ribcage and it even more emphasizes her majesty and femininity.

Goddess Isis

This is definitely the most popular tattoo of Rihanna that is copied for millions of times. She has got it just below her breasts. The goddess with wing wide spread on her body is a tribute to her grandmother. Goddess Isis is a symbol of motherhood and perfect woman.

Rihanna's Sexy Tattoos


Rihanna's Sexy Tattoos

Rihanna's Sexy Tattoos

Rihanna has got several quote tattoos with a deep meaning. “Never a Failure, Always a Lesson” on her right shoulder is a perfect motivating quote that is meant to keep you up in the worst times.

“Rebelle fleur” tattoo that she has got on her neck is translated as “NOT a rebellious flower” this emphasizing her gentle and sensitive soul.

And at last she has got a Sanskrit prayer on her hip and is translated as long – suffering, truthfulness, self-restraint, inward calm, fear and fearlessness. Well having such tattoo with strong meaning is not just covering body with a stylish tattoo.

Those are only a small part of tattoos that she has got. We will continue following her and hope she will soon get a brand new tattoo.

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