Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

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Tattoos have long been used to represent one’s spiritual connection with the higher being or the universe. Sacred geometry is complex and symbolic, making it artistic and meaningful for body art. If you’re exploring sacred geometry tattoo but don’t know where to start, we have rounded up some design ideas, along with the symbolic meanings of specific symbols.

What Do Sacred Geometry Tattoos Mean?

Throughout history, spiritual teachers and mystics have given interpretations to certain geometric patterns found in nature. Sacred geometry tattoos are believed to hold spiritual meanings and represent the mystical elements of life.

Unlike most body art, the meaning of these tattoos varies depending on the symbol itself. Also, their significance may vary in different cultures and religions. Here are some of the most popular sacred geometry symbols and their meanings:

Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

One of the most sacred patterns of the universe, the flower of life is thought to be the symbol of creation. It’s even said to contain the secrets of the universe, from galaxies to planets, molecules and atoms. Composed of several concentric, overlapping circles, this symbol makes a stunning tattoo. Also, several sacred geometry symbols can be derived from it, including the vesica piscis.

Vesica Piscis

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

A symbol of balance and oneness, the vesica piscis is a geometric shape formed by the intersection of two circles with the same radius, which creates an almond shaped center. Its name is derived from Latin for the bladder of a fish.

This symbol was prominent in Pythagorean history and has been regarded sacred because the ratio of its width to its height equals to a holy number. It has been commonly featured in medieval art, paintings, sculptures, and architectural designs of churches and temples. It also holds significance in religions.

Tree of Life

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

A representation of spiritual transformation, growth and strength, the tree of life is one of the most universal symbols across cultures and religions. The tree of life has branches that reach high into the sky and roots that spread into the ground.

Trees have been regarded as sacred since the ancient times, associating the symbol with the heavens and the earth, path to enlightenment, as well as rebirth and immortality. The symbol used to be carved on the armor of warriors and drawn on walls of fortresses, making it symbolic for tattoos.

The Metatron Cube

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

A symbol of balance and harmony, the Metatron cube is said to contain all the geometric shapes found in all creation. It was named after the angel Metatron, who is thought to oversee the flow of energy in a mystical cube, so all aspects of nature will be in harmony.

The symbol features circles that are connected by lines. Pulling one string will affect everything. Some also associate the symbol with protection and healing. It has inspired many tattoo designs and serves as an inspiration for personal transformation.


Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

One of the most religious symbols, the hexagram is a six-pointed star, created by two overlapping triangles. Its meaning varies in different cultures and religions. It has been the foundation of symbols like the Star of David and the Seal of Solomon.

While it serves as a symbol of faith for the Jewish community, the hexagram is associated with the heart chakra and the ideal meditative state for the Hindus. In occultism, the hexagram is associated with the union of opposites, such as the spiritual and the physical, or the male and the female.

Some even regard it as a representation of the Hermetic belief, “As Above, So Below,” which refers to the view that changes in one world can impact the other. It’s one of the sacred geometry symbols that have gained various meanings, so make sure to know what it represents for you before incorporating it into your tattoo.

Sri Yantra

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

The Sri Yantra is one of the sacred geometry symbols that has become a trend in tattoos, but it was originally used in rituals and ceremonies. In Eastern religions, yantra is the instrument or tool for meditation and the Sri Yantra is regarded as the queen of yantras.

Sri Yantra also represents the universe and the body of the goddess associated with feminine energy. Its interlocking triangles may look artistic in tattoos, but every line and triangle is said to represent a certain type of energy called shakti.


Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

The term mandala comes from Sanskrit and means sacred circle. The symbol itself translates complex mathematical expressions into intricate shapes and patterns. Its meaning may vary depending on the culture and religion, but it generally represents the universe, cosmic unity, balance and harmony. For some, it acts as a bridge between the higher and lower realms.


Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

One of the most popular symbols of protection, the hamsa is often depicted as a symmetrical hand, with an eye at the center of the palm. In tattoos, a hamsa facing upwards is thought to ward off evil and malicious intent, while a hamsa facing downwards is believed to attract prosperity and abundance.

Types of Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

Most sacred geometry symbols are complex, and tattoo artists often incorporate various tattooing techniques to create interesting designs. Regardless of the symbol, symmetry is an essential part of sacred geometry tattoos. There are several different designs to choose from, and here are some of them:

Dotwork Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Inspired by post-impressionist pointillism movement in classic art, dot-work tattoos require the artist to use multiple dots for creating symbols or visual effects. Sacred geometry tattoos done in this technique features tiny dots of varying sizes, which creates the illusion of depth and shadows. A great thing, it’s a versatile design that looks softer and more feminine compared to those solid lines and colors.

Sketch-Inspired Sacred Geometry Tattoos

These tattoos have a sketched appearance, reminding us of an artist’s drawings in a sketchbook. Depending on the sacred geometry symbol, the tattoo design may have messy trailing lines or rough edges. Just keep in mind that certain symbols like the Metatron cube and Sri Yantra require a streamlined look, so this style isn’t recommended for them. Still, some symbols like the tree of life look stylish and beautiful with a sketchy and artistic look.

Watercolor Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Who says you have to resort to strong, dark outlines and shading just to make your sacred geometry tattoo stunning? When done in watercolor style, your tattoos will look like a serious work of art. It generally features bright, vivid colors, along with techniques such as fades, runs, bleeds and blurs, reminding us of a classic watercolor painting.

Blackwork Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Characterized by mainly black ink, blackwork can make your sacred geometry tattoo statement making. It’s similar to the popular blackout tattoo, where large section of the body is covered with solid black ink, yet is more approachable. All sacred geometry symbols will look stunning in this tattoo style, as the contrast is created through the use of negative space and saturated black ink.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Sleeves

If you want to take your sacred geometry tattoos to the next level, think of tattoo sleeves. While you can use a specific symbol as your overall design, some incorporate many symbols in their tattoos, as if they’re part of a whole puzzle. It’s one of the most intricate tattoo designs that tell a story and make a bold statement.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

Celebrities with Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Whether you want a style statement or a religious symbol, sacred geometry tattoos can be a great choice. Here are some of the celebrities who find sacred geometry stylish and meaningful:

  • As a representation of balance and harmony, mandala tattoos have appealed to celebrities due to  its intricate geometric pattern. The former One Direction singer Zayn Malik sports his mandala tattoo on his head, while American model Ireland Baldwin sports the symbol on her upper left arm.
  • As a symbol of protection, the hamsa symbol has been popular in celebrity tattoos. Model Jourdan Dunn wears her hamsa tattoo on her inner arm, while basketball player Kyrie Irving also tattooed the symbol on his shoulder. American actress and model Genesis Rodriguez got inspired to have it tattooed after a trip from Israel, where she was filming for a television show. Japanese-British singer Asami Zdrenka sports the tattoo on her left forearm.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs & Meaning

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