Tattoo Trends of Winter 2016

2016 year brings to us fresh tattoo trends. Surely winter brings to everyone such feelings like loneliness, cold, but we confirm that with our tattoo designs of winter 2016 we will bring you radical reverse feelings. The most popular design of 2016 winter tattoo trend of course is the snowflake. It has natural beauty in idea, with its acute edges.


Snowflake tattoos can be created with congeries of 3D tattoo style, in conger with colorful or black and white style. As known light blue tint is the most real tint that you can apply in 2016 winter tattoo trend. Of course it is able to convey typical feelings for the beautiful winter, for example cold, meantime clarity that is the general symbol of winter. Winter tattoo trends clarity conveyed by its purity and by the interesting feelings of columbine. 


2016 winter tattoo trend is very popular with stars tattoo ideas and countless names which we easily can amplify in tattoo to enhance winter tattoo trend`s vogue. This tattoo trend the design that whole appropriate for ladies. Ladies are the great symbols of clarity, caring and columbine and winter tattoo trend certainly have all these counted traits.


best-snowflake-tattoo best-snowflake-tattoo-2015

There is no any limit about shapes and you can get winter tattoo style on neck or behind ear. Sure it will be perfect if you will get snowflake in conger with tiny stars. You can tattoo tiny snowflakes on arms. 2016 winter tattoo trend will look also excellent on foot.

glorious-snowflake-tattoo snowflakes-with-twinkle-stars-tattoo-on-foot

With its modern style and vogue winter tattoo trend of course is one of the 2016`s hottest tattoo styles particularly for ladies. So we offer to be modern and  do your best, to get 2016 winter tattoo trend.

amazing-snowflake-tattoo Winter-tattoo-Snowman-and-snowflakes white-ink-snowflake-tattoo temporary-snowflake-tattoo Snowflake-tattoo-with-Arrows snowflake-tattoo-on-rib snowflake-tattoo-on-neck snowflake-tattoo-on-arm snowflakes-color-lowerback-tattoo snowflake-dotwork snowflake-disney-frozen-tattoo large-snowflake-tattoo Ink-snowflake-tattoo blue-snowflake-tattoo

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