Spider Tattoo Designs

Let’s speak about one of the modern tattoos in the world in 2016 – spider tattoo idea. This original Spider tattoo is made for girls and boys.


The spider tattoo idea has many meanings and also has the same meaning for girls and boys.    Continue reading

Pretty Love Tattoo Designs


If we start to talk about love, what do you feel? Fervor and such felling that you are able to do anything and of course nobody is able to stand on your desired way. All these excite you making one of the most common and pretty tattoo style in the world – surely pretty love tattoo designsContinue reading

Slashing Yin Yang Tattoo Ideas

2016s best tattoo that symbolizes harmony is Yin and Yang. We have discussed and represented the most common and preferable tattoo designs in the world, but we think this one, which we would like to represent to you has absolute popularity. It is the slashing yin and yang tattoo idea.

Yin Yang Tattoo on ankle

Yin Yang Tattoo on ankle

Yin and Yang symbolizes the bonds between men and women. Due to this fact Yin and Yang tattoo idea can be appropriate both for men and ladies. The yin is the symbol of womanish purity; meanwhile the Yang is the symbol of masculine strength and wisdom, but Yin and Yang together symbolize the harmony between men and ladies.  Continue reading

Fresh Eye Tattoo Designs

New year, fresh feelings and tattoo wearers day by day desire to get freshest tattoo designs. Eye tattoo design is included in the freshest tattoo trends 2016. Tattoo artists confirm that it is not artless to create tattoo trend. They confirm that eye tattoo design despite its beauty surely has very rooted meaning.


It is fact that eye tattoo design can be named the most meaningful tattoo design in the world. Fresh eye tattoo design with its meaning is the medley of ancient faith and coeval demand. Everybody knows what great vogue have the tattoos with ancient time designs and due to it each dower searching tattoo designs that have high necessity, deep meaning and vogue.  Continue reading

Tattoo Trends of Winter 2016

2016 year brings to us fresh tattoo trends. Surely winter brings to everyone such feelings like loneliness, cold, but we confirm that with our tattoo designs of winter 2016 we will bring you radical reverse feelings. The most popular design of 2016 winter tattoo trend of course is the snowflake. It has natural beauty in idea, with its acute edges.


Snowflake tattoos can be created with congeries of 3D tattoo style, in conger with colorful or black and white style. As known light blue tint is the most real tint that you can apply in 2016 winter tattoo trend. Of course it is able to convey typical feelings for the beautiful winter, for example cold, meantime clarity that is the general symbol of winter. Winter tattoo trends clarity conveyed by its purity and by the interesting feelings of columbine.  Continue reading

Cheerful Crown Tattoo Designs

Coach, grandeur, strength – all these words wise the prime traits and surely meanings of this cheerful tattoo trend. You should know that cheerful crown tattoo design is a symbol that certainly has quite deep and meantime artless meaning.

Crown Tattoo 2016

Crown Tattoo 2016

We sure that everybody knows that crown symbolizes the leadership, grandeur. That is able to confirm that fact that the wearer has absolute strength among ambient peoples. Of course this is much artless to be understood but it is fact. Not everybody can get this kind of cheerful crown tattoo designs and that is the deepest meaning of it. Because the crown tattoo design is appropriate with those people who have prime characters of being coach, king, relishing respect among his ambient.  Continue reading

Wonderful Butterfly Tattoo Designs

butterfly tattoo designs

butterfly tattoo designs

The headline of this article already says all about womanhood and sexuality. This tattoo design is one of the most preferable and fresh tattoo designs for lady. Sexy and extraordinary, voguish and common, appropriate with different shades-these are the general trait for wonderful butterfly tattoo designs. Those ladies who are appraising freedom very frequently apply such a fresh tattoo designs of wonderful butterfly tattoo.  Continue reading

The Most Preferable Anchor Tattoo Designs

Anchor tattoo designs are the most preferable kind of unique tattoos that symbolize stability, preservation and trust. Moreover the anchor is such thing that puts down forbear into the sea or ocean for holding a ship in the same place and it of course symbolizes stability. It has countless senses also.

Small Anchor Tattoo on Hand

Small Anchor Tattoo on Hand

We should notice that anchor tattoo designs mostly applied by seaman, but day by day this tattoo style prevailing all over the world. When we say this wonderful word” anchor” we of course feel conformity and calm. Anchor is an amazing tattoo design appropriate for man and ladies. Seaman applies anchor tattoo designs for symbolizing power and close connection with sea.  Continue reading