Pithy Turtle Tattoo Designs

Turtle tattoo designs – what we can tell about these? We would like to represent you an article that is about one of the ladies’ preferable tattoo designs in the world. Amazing turtle is the most trendiest tattoo design of 2016 and it is certainly appropriate just for a ladies.


Turtle tattoo you should know is a tribal tattoo design and it comes from ancient cultures to our days and easily became on the most beloved tattoo ideas for women. Turtle tattoo design is an animal tattoo style which ladies apply for showing their womanish soul and flawless, hearts that is full of love.  Continue reading

Beautiful Tattoo Designs on Face


Nowadays` fashion industries ordered particular method to any question for you. These methods made for tattoos too. Have you ever thought about probability of tattoos on face, which will lid all your face? It is not secret that on streets we can meet people, who have piercing on face. But now often we can meet people, who have mixed tattoos with piercings for underlining their soul`s discrimination.  Continue reading

Colorful Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

As you know there are many types of tattoo which use only girls. And in this case Cherry blossom tattoo design is very popular tattoo on modern industry.


Cherry blossom tattoo idea is unequalled flower tattoo of sakura type. It is one of the modern and popular tattoo vogues of 2016. Also cherry blossom tattoo designs girls do for showing their femininity, sexuality and it is a symbol of starting new life.  Continue reading

Hot Hawaiian Tattoo Ideas

At first we must notice that hot Hawaiian tattoo ideas are created for those men and ladies who came from Hawaiian island and show to everyone their Hawaiian culture and interesting traditions all over the world.


Starting with slashing glorious nature and ending with sea of course you have countless of items for getting and showing Hawaiian culture. You can get Hawaiian freak trees and unique flowers in composition comprising animals.  Continue reading

Japanese Geisha Tattoo design


How be a Japanese Geisha we have also know. To be Geisha means a woman who has fun with boys and meantime they are good jabbers. And you will surprise, if I tell you, that there are many different beautiful tattoos which are symbolize Geisha girls. Yes, they really are. Geisha tattoo idea symbolizes of womanless and motherhood.  Continue reading

Momentary Arabic Henna Tattoo

Arabic temporary tattoo idea is a piece of mehendi tattoo idea. Arabic temporary henna tattoos are used for showing the huge love and esteem to women. Henna tattoos have come from India, but day by day they became the biggest part of Arabic traditional art.


Arabic henna tattoo design is absolutely produce only just for women. Also the great parts for henna tattoo ideas women usually tattooing on hands and feet. Those girls who want get married, as tradition, used Arabic henna tattoo.  Continue reading

Bow Tattoo Ideas

Bow tattoo is a 2016 modern and popular tattoo style for feminine. Just for showing their feelings girls do bow tattoo. Bow unmatched tattoo ideas basically depict high emotional feelings like love, great passion, open heart and you can see heart with big emotions and full of adrenaline.


Bow tattoo is one of the best tattoos in the world which is underscore women strength and solidarity. Girls in 2016 bow tattoo totally do with different beautiful color such as red, light blue, yellow. These colors very suitable for this year`s women tattoo trend. You can select which color is balanced with your soul.  Continue reading

Pretty Orchid Tattoo Ideas

Pretty orchid tattoo ideas are exorbitant tattoo designs for ladies. It can be named the ladies tattoo trends and certainly have deep meaning.


We should notice that orchid tattoo idea is mainly womanish in spite of the fact that flower orchid symbolizes male sexual organ also. Pretty orchid tattoo ideas have several meanings, for example women chastity, beauty, columbine and glamour.  Continue reading

Lizard Tattoo Designs


In this article we will discuss lizard tattoo designs. And at first we want that you know that it is not very popular tattoo design, but owing to its meaning it becomes popular and attractive tattoo trend. You should know that this tattoo design is appropriate both for men and ladies. It can be the bestiest option for those people, who have nature traits as durability, not cede and giving fight from this life when you are sure you have not option for coming out from tough positions.  Continue reading