Rihanna’s Tattoo Designs

Everyone knows that notabilities are able to make people need to do something such them. Of course it`s being pertain to tattoo designs. In this context we would like to represent Rihanna`s most common tattoo designs which she created.


At first we must notice that Rihanna loves tattoos very much. She has got 21 different tattoo designs on her beautiful body. This notability’s first tattoo design is the music notes design created on her foots. She got music notes tattoo to underline her musician soul’s nature. 


Most popular tattoo designs of Rihanna certainly are tiny stars created on her neck. Rihanna applied this common tattoo design as an amazing symbol of her whole attainment. This group of tiny stars is an idea she apply to underline her sexuality and of course creative thinking ability.


You should know that Rihanna tattoo tiny stars colored in grey and it symbolizes that her each achievement is reached in a very hard way.

rihanna_tattoo7-344x487 rihanna_tattoo13-400x470

Now, we would like to represent Rihanna`s sexiest tattoo design ever. It is Egyptian eagle tattoo design. It has deep meaning and it is the symbol of Rihanna`s inner nature. It is fact that eagle symbolizes bravery and strife. Owing to this fact Rihanna applied this type tattoo designs to underline her bravery individuality which not bypass from argument and her personality that will never afraid from hard rush.


So at the end we want to notice that these counted tattoo designs are Rihanna`s best tattoo ideas.

rihanna-tattoo-on-hand-300x180 rihanna_tattoo19-400x470 rihanna_tattoo18new-500x375 rihanna_tattoo16-500x375 rihanna_tattoo15-500x375 rihanna_tattoo14-400x470 rihanna_tattoo12-500x269 rihanna_tattoo11-378x440 rihanna_tattoo9-500x375 rihanna_tattoo8-500x375 rihanna_tattoo6-500x375 rihanna_tattoo5-500x258 rihanna_tattoo4-500x326 rihanna_tattoo2-500x375

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