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Gorgeous White Ink Tattoo Designs
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Mythical Eagle Tattoo Designs

As known eagle symbolizes liberty and intent look. Mythical eagle tattoo designs generally are applied by men to underline their male feature. Everybody knows that eagle is the emblem of U.S. troops and United States whole. Of course from this fact we understood that mythical eagle tattoo trend 2016 relish high vogue in this country.


Surely there are countless eagle tattoo ideas that you can opt for you. Here are shown several mythical eagle tattoo designs: mythical eagle`s head tattoo style that present trouble and hunting power.  Continue reading

Alluring Lion Tattoo Designs

Everybody knows that Lion is the great symbol of indefinite strength. So that it can be such symbol in tattoo art’s world for showing dominance among all other traits. Of course lion tattoo trend belongs to animal tattoo trend. And it is one of the common tattoo ideas in the world.


Because of this is zodiac sign tattoo design it can be suitable for both to men and ladies. Most frequently such zodiac tattoo create those wearers who were born from August to September. Lion have Stroke which controversy added glamour and certainly dashed lion`s hegemony.  We must notice that it is the most important detail in alluring Lion`s tattoo trend. Crest symbolizes glamour, chic and surely aggression and strength.  Continue reading

Gorgeous White Ink Tattoo Designs

As known there are countless different shades both dark and bright that can be used in tattooing. But human fantasy goes afar and tattoo artists nowadays apply white ink for creating tattoo art.


Today we would like to represent an article about one of the 2016’s best tattoo trend. This tattoo trend is absolutely fresh for any type of tattoos that you wish to get. Sure this will whole change your tattoos outlook styles.  Continue reading

Fresh Eye Tattoo Designs

New year, fresh feelings and tattoo wearers day by day desire to get freshest tattoo designs. Eye tattoo design is included in the freshest tattoo trends 2016. Tattoo artists confirm that it is not artless to create tattoo trend. They confirm that eye tattoo design despite its beauty surely has very rooted meaning.


It is fact that eye tattoo design can be named the most meaningful tattoo design in the world. Fresh eye tattoo design with its meaning is the medley of ancient faith and coeval demand. Everybody knows what great vogue have the tattoos with ancient time designs and due to it each dower searching tattoo designs that have high necessity, deep meaning and vogue.  Continue reading

Wonderful Aries Tattoo Ideas

Wonderful Aries tattoo ideas– symbolic zodiac sign tattoo ideas for those people who were born between March and April months.


Wonderful Aries zodiac sign tattoo idea is able to convey two types of characteristic traits: negative – egoism, misconductness, and impatience, and positive – freedom, strength, knack, courage. Besides of those people who belong to Aries zodiac sign, this wonderful tattoo trend was got also by those people who have beyond signed characteristic traits. Of course it is not very important thing what type (positive, negative) traits you have, you can get this wonderful tattoo trend at first due to Aries tattoo idea vogue and at second reason is that you can sign it`s Aries tattoo ideas fixity: Aries tattoo idea has not any variation during different times.  Continue reading

Pretty Lily Tattoo Ideas

Lily is a flower that symbolizes virgin, columbine of ladies and becomes 2016 tattoo trend. Most of ladies apply these tattoo ideas to increase their sexuality, columbine. So that lily flower tattoo design we can name as the ladies tattoo trend.


Most frequently lilies tattooing in tiny sizes, in sheaf and pretty lilies are tattooing on ladies pan. Also ladies tattooing lily tattoo in back shade. It looks perfect when we see a lady with sheaf of wonderful lily flowers in back color.  Continue reading

Tattoo Trends of Winter 2016

2016 year brings to us fresh tattoo trends. Surely winter brings to everyone such feelings like loneliness, cold, but we confirm that with our tattoo designs of winter 2016 we will bring you radical reverse feelings. The most popular design of 2016 winter tattoo trend of course is the snowflake. It has natural beauty in idea, with its acute edges.


Snowflake tattoos can be created with congeries of 3D tattoo style, in conger with colorful or black and white style. As known light blue tint is the most real tint that you can apply in 2016 winter tattoo trend. Of course it is able to convey typical feelings for the beautiful winter, for example cold, meantime clarity that is the general symbol of winter. Winter tattoo trends clarity conveyed by its purity and by the interesting feelings of columbine.  Continue reading

Unique Bird Tattoo Designs


When we hear the ward ”bird”, of course we associate it with such properties like freedom, wings that are flying away from everything and everyone in this world. Because of all this interesting facts birds become the most preferable tattoo trends. You should know bird tattoo is unique animal tattoo design that symbolizes freedom.  Continue reading

Top 30 of Tattoo Quotes In Latin


Latin language is one of the oldest and usable languages in the world. Being such popular language Latin language give up us countless common quotes that easily became vow of success for most of us. You should notice that quotes in Latin were applied by many common philosophers, kings, scientists and today became very pretty and preferable tattoo trend. We must inform you that Latin tattoo quotes surely have deep sense and of course represent our inner world.  Continue reading