Handprint Tattoo Designs

Handprint tattoo is an original and modern tattoo design of 2016 and it is used girls and boys.


Handprint tattoo idea symbolizes the harmony of pairs and it was made for parents. Girls and boys also do handprint tattoo for underscoring their great fillings to their children. 

But as usual basically girls do handprint tattoo design with many different colors. They used blue colored handprint tattoos for showing that they have boys and pink colored for girls. They use both of blue and pink colors for showing the whole beauty of trend 2016 handprint tattoo.

amazing-handprint-tattoo colorful-handprint-tattoo

Booooys….they often do this original handprint tattoos black colored for underlining the solidarity of their family, the love and goodness to their children. Black color shows boy`s strong enthusiasm and the matrimonial between family participants.

tribal-handprint-tattoo handprint-tattoo-for-men

This is 2016 tattoo vogue with some supplementary elements. Boys used them for originate its meaning of family defense. These elements can be for example tiger`s head or head of eagle which keeps back handprint in its talons.

realistic-handprint-tattoo handprint-tattoo-with-butterfly

Girls usually affix different type of elements to their handprint tattoo ideas for showing the beautiful and full of love atmosphere inside their family. They used different elements for example colorful butterflies and stars. You can use this original handprint tattoo expand your ties inside family and your fantasy of good family.

stars-and-handprint-tattoo handprint-tattoo-with-stars handprint-tattoo-on-neck handprint-tattoo-on-hand handprint-tattoo-idea handprint-tattoo-designs handprint-tattoo black-ink-handprint-tattoo

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