David Beckham’s Daring Tattoos


David Beckham is soccer star, who has perfect past; he is successful city man and very popular true tattoo lover. And certainly he is common among notabilities not only as a perfect sportsman or successful city man. He is also common with his daring tattoos. In this article we would like to discuss several of his tattoo designs. Among Beckham`s daring tattoo designs at first we want to discuss tattoo idea on Christian grounds created on right shoulder. It is excellently taken idea and color composition from which we can see Jesus`s face. With composition of different shades this tattoo idea looks like 3D tattoo design. It is hide whole his right shoulder and represents Beckham`s Christianity soul.  Continue reading

Rihanna’s Tattoo Designs

Everyone knows that notabilities are able to make people need to do something such them. Of course it`s being pertain to tattoo designs. In this context we would like to represent Rihanna`s most common tattoo designs which she created.


At first we must notice that Rihanna loves tattoos very much. She has got 21 different tattoo designs on her beautiful body. This notability’s first tattoo design is the music notes design created on her foots. She got music notes tattoo to underline her musician soul’s nature.  Continue reading

Popular Feather Tattoo Designs


Feather can be named the most preferable tattoo ideas that are able to represent your personality, attempt to liberty and your particular wish to fly. Feather tattoo design is the most inked and preferable tattoo trends 2016 in the amazing tattoo art.  Continue reading

Top 30 of Tattoo Quotes In Latin


Latin language is one of the oldest and usable languages in the world. Being such popular language Latin language give up us countless common quotes that easily became vow of success for most of us. You should notice that quotes in Latin were applied by many common philosophers, kings, scientists and today became very pretty and preferable tattoo trend. We must inform you that Latin tattoo quotes surely have deep sense and of course represent our inner world.  Continue reading

Gorgeous Dreamcatcher Tattoo Ideas

At first we must inform you that this article is about spiritual style that is able to get away the wearer from bad dreams and dark souls. It is something like a unique medallion tattooed on your body. Gorgeous Dreamcatcher tattoo ideas are one of the most preferable tattoo styles in the world. If we know its meaning we are able to understand that it can be created in several colors. So dreamcatcher tattoo can be colorful.

dreamcatcher tattoo for women

dreamcatcher tattoo for women

From its history we can know that dreamcatcher tattoo idea is presented as a spider woman who takes bad dreams from newborns in the sleeping time.  Continue reading

Wonderful Butterfly Tattoo Designs

butterfly tattoo designs

butterfly tattoo designs

The headline of this article already says all about womanhood and sexuality. This tattoo design is one of the most preferable and fresh tattoo designs for lady. Sexy and extraordinary, voguish and common, appropriate with different shades-these are the general trait for wonderful butterfly tattoo designs. Those ladies who are appraising freedom very frequently apply such a fresh tattoo designs of wonderful butterfly tattoo.  Continue reading

Attractive Scorpions Tattoo Designs

black ink 3d scorpio tattoo on back

black ink 3d scorpio tattoo on back

There is a fact that scorpion tattoo designs are symbols of strength and evident definition. We will surely suggest that the scorpion tattoo designs are one of the most common and preferable tattoo designs in the world. In spite of scorpion tattoo designs male traits, these tattoo designs are appropriate both for men and ladies.  Continue reading

Staring Star Tattoo Designs

hand tattoo star

hand tattoo star

In this article we would like to tell about staring star tattoo designs that are certainly the most regnant tattoo designs. They will be appropriate both for man and ladies, due to it is universality. Being universality there are countless senses of star tattoo designsContinue reading

2016 Best Finger Tattoo Ideas

tattoo inscription on finger 2016

tattoo inscription on finger 2016

Tattoo designs created on finger – is rather the latest trend of amazing 2016 body art. Tiny tattoo enchants as tattoos of great size: of course this fact is actual for ladies. Among notabilities this tattoo trend applied Rihanna, Beyonce, Miley Syrus and others. Even the tiniest tattoo on finger easily can say much about the inner nature of that who wears this tattoo trend.  Continue reading